Torrance Parker releases “20,000 Divers Under the Sea”

Torrance Parker releases new book.
Torrance Parker, author of the widely acclaimed 20,000 Jobs Under the Sea, has released a new book which, initially, will be available exclusively through the Historical Diving Society, USA. A companion to Torrance’s previous book, 20,000 Divers Under the Sea, is a history of the sponge diving industry in both the Mediterranean and the Western Atlantic and includes an account of early deep diving. Torrance’s knowledge of the subject stems from his close ties to working sponge divers in both Tarpon Springs, Florida, and the Mediterranean , and from his own experience of working as a Tarpon Springs sponge diver during the mid-1940’s. Follow us on Facebook, or watch the HDS website for upcoming details regarding price and availability

20,000 Divers Under the Sea

Torrance Parker book 20,000 Divers Under the Sea