The Historical Diving Society Diving Pioneer Award

The Historical Diving Society Diving Pioneer Award is presented annually by vote of the Board of Directors.

The Award is designed from one inch plate glass, representing a column of water. The Society logo and recipients’ name are etched into the glass. The Award is presented at the annual HDS conference, or at an alternative venue as designated by the Board, and was first presented in 1997. The Award was originally called The Historical Diver (Magazine) Pioneer Award and was conceived in 1996 by Leslie Leaney and approved by the HDS Board of Directors in the same year.




1997. Jacques Yves Cousteau, France.

1997. Ellis Royal Cross, USA.

1997. Prof. Hans Hass and Lotte Hass, Austria

1998. Captain Philippe Tailliez, France.

1999. André Galerne, France

2000. Dr. Christian J. Lambertsen, USA.

2001. Prof. Luigi Ferraro, Italy

2002. Andreas Rechnitzer, Ph.D., USA.

2003. Lad Handelman, USA.

2004. Henri Delauze, France.

2005. Bev Morgan, USA.

2006. George Fletcher Bass, Ph.D., USA

2007. Dr. Sylvia Earle, USA

2008. Bob Barth, USA

2009. Dick Bonin, USA

2010. Hugh “Dan” Wilson, USA

2011. Stanton Waterman, USA

2012. Bob Hollis, USA

2012. Torrance Parker, USA

2012. Leonard Greenstone,

2013. Captain F. Bond, USN, USA

2013. Nick Icorn, USA