The Historical Diving Society Nick Icorn Award

Historical Diving Society Nick Icorn Award

The Historical Diving Society Nick Icorn Diving Heritage award is presented annually by vote of the Board of Directors. The Award is an engraved plaque. The Award is presented at the annual HDS conference, or at an alternative venue as designated by the Board. The Award is named in recognition and honor of American scuba historian, author and collector Nick Icorn, who is one of the founding members of the Society. The Award was conceived in 2003 Leslie Leaney, and approved by Nick Icorn and the HDS Board of Directors in the same year.

Criteria for Nomination. An individual, group, or organization who have promoted the importance of the history of diving to the public. The promotion of the history of diving may not be the primary focus of the nominees career or organization. It must be outside of their normal professional capacity. Nominations should be sent to the Nyle Monday, Secretary, at by January 1.




2013. Bob Barth, USA

2013. Dave Sullivan, USA

2012. Iain MacQuarrie, England, Karin Dodde, Holland.

2011. Don Barthelmess, California.

2010. Ryan Spence, Flashback Scuba, Washington.

2009. Aquazoo, Dusseldorf, Germany

2008. The Langley Family and the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Australia.

2008. Captain Don Johnson, The Lockwood Pioneer Scuba Diving Museum, Illinois

2007. Sandy Lydon and Tim Thomas, California.

2006. Lucien Cabrolie, France, Jan de Groot, Holland, Philippe Rousseau, France.

2005. Colin Taylor, England.

2004 The Scuba Show, Long Beach, California.

2003 Beneath The Sea, New York, and Mares America, Connecticut