With the continuing international expansion of interest in diving history the HDSUSA has standardized its domestic and international Affiliation Agreements to encompass this increasing number of different groups. This process was started in January 1999 by HDSUSA Chairman Lee Selisky and is intended to promote good fellowship and collegiality among the membership of all organizations. Affiliation, of equal and independent status, is open to all professionally registered organizations with a similar mission statement and purpose as HDSUSA.

HDS South Africa
P.O. Box 36541
Chempet 7442
Cape Town South Africa
phone: 27-21-5512233

Musée du Scaphandre
Inventions Rouquayrol Denayrouze
12500 Espalion

The Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences
P.O. Box 431
Lake Geneva WI 53147
phone: 414-248-9822

HDS Germany
Broichbachtal 34
D-52134 Herzogenrath N.W.
phone: 011-49-2406-929-330

Historical Diving Society Australia-Pacific
P.O. Box 347
Dingley Village, Victoria, 3172

HDS Italia
Viale IV Novembre 86/A
48023 Marina di Ravenna (RA)
phone: 39-0544-531013

Musée Frédéric Dumas
L’agora, Av. Robert Schumann
83110 Sanary-Sur-Mer

HDS Canada
241A East First Street
rear N. Vancouver B.C.
V7L 1B4 Canada
phone: 604-980-6262

HDS Mexico
Bosque de Ciruelos 190-601B
B de Las Lomas
Mexico D.F. 11700
phone: 525-596-05-95

HDS Poland
00-075 Warszawa
Senatorska 11 p.25
phone: 48 22 826 35 74
fax: 48 22 826 83 89

HDS United Kingdom
Little Gatton Lodge
25 Gatton Road
Reigate RH2 OHD
phone: 44 1737 249961
fax: 44 1384 896079

Scaph 50
23 Avenue de la Colliar
42390 Villrs

Historical Diving Society Spain/España – HDSES
Av. del Mar s/n
17211 – LLAFRANC (Spain )
History of Diving Museum
82990 Overseas Hwy
Islamorada, FL  33036
ph. 305-664-9737

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