Glenn Butler

Glenn Butler is President and Chief Executive Officer of Life Support Technologies (LST).  He has more than 40 years experience in military, commercial diving, and clinical hyperbaric operations. He has developed and / or operated over a dozen major hospital-based Hyperbaric Medicine programs internationally.

Mr. Butler was the principle consultant when LST was sole-sourced by NASA–Johnson Space Center to engineer zero gravity simulation breathing systems and develop new oxygen safety standards for the astronaut training program designed to support the Hubbell Space Telescope emergency repair mission. He continues to lead the group’s efforts in its ongoing role with NASA and other DOD clients. LSt latest work in in Deep Underground Hyperbaric Tunneling operations

Glenn Butler (CHT #-012) was a founding member of the National Board Certification for Hyperbaric Technologists and is a member of the NFPA-99 and UHMS Hyperbaric Safety Committees. He has authored several HBO related U.S. Patents and published more than 26 scientific documents.

Always a steadfast supporter, Glenn continues to be an important advocate of the commercial and recreational diving community. He has been recognized with numerous awards and has been a frequent presenter at functions such as the Beneath The Sea Exposition, where he received the Diver of the Year Award for Science.