HDS Nick Icorn Diving Heritage Award

The Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Bob Barth and Dave Sullivan and the recipients of the HDS 2013 Nick Icorn Diving Heritage Award for their successful administration of the Mark V Monument Project.

The Mark V Monument Project originally undertook the mission to obtain the necessary Navy approval and private funding to fabricate and erect a ten foot tall bronze/granite JAKE monument at the entrance to the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center in Panama City, Florida. JAKE was designed to stand on a granite base with each side of the pentagonal shape displaying a bronze seal of one of the five services of the U.S. Military. This monument would be formally dedicated to all U.S. Military diver graduates, past, present and future of all of the U.S. Navy Diving Schools who go down in the sea to work. This monument would celebrate forever the traditions of divers around the world who have given their life’s work to underwater ships’ husbandry, underwater construction, salvage of ships lost at sea, combat, and clandestine missions. JAKE was fabricated, erected, gifted to the United States Navy, and formally dedicated to U.S. Military diver graduates on October 26, 2012.

Working in conjunction with a team of like-minded volunteers, Bob and Dave established the Project as a non-profit corporation. Bob and Dave supervised a fund raising program that raised around $600,000 and successfully completed the erection of the statue. Their mission has now entered a new phase. Details of the complete project can be found at www. markvmonument.org. Our congratulations to Bob and Dave on their significant achievement. The presentation of their award is being scheduled for Panama City in mid February 2014.

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