JoDH#70, Winter 2012

Editorial—Pg 5

Letter from the Chairman and President—Pg 6

Clement Lee joins the HDS Advisory Board & Janice Raber joins the Board of Directors—Pg 8

Bob Hollis receives the HDS Diving Pioneer Award—Pg 9

In the Mail—Pg 10

Featured Story ~ Oceanic celebrates its 40th Anniversary by Bret Gilliam: The company known as Oceanic is aptly named: it is the result of one man’s love of the sea. The company… the man. They are inseparable. And forever joined by a common DNA. Many companies have reached their 40th birthday in the diving industry. But only one, Oceanic, has had one man at its helm from inception to the present day. That is truly unique. Oceanic… and Bob Hollis… two entities that long ago merged into one like some experiment crafted in a lab by a gifted mad scientist with an entrepreneurial gene of his own. Well, whatever Petri dish he was using to mix up this batch of corporate and individual “lighting in a bottle” worked out pretty well. Bob Hollis is decidedly old school. He built underwater camera housings and strobes out of necessity… there were none in the mid-1950s that met his needs. He created the most popular underwater strobe of all time and nearly forty years later scores of photographers are still using the Oceanic 2001 series without a glitch. These were some of the foundations on which Hollis built Oceanic, and author Gilliam takes us inside a 40-year undersea adventure that, with continuing innovation, looks boldly at the half century mark on the horizon.—Pg 12

The Founders of DESCO: Maximilian Eugene Nohl by Leslie Leaney—Pg 23

Catching Up with Torrance Parker—Pg 30

HDS receives Letter of Recognition from the City of Santa Barbara—Pg 32

Submarine Lens: Niko Mar IY and Nikon FEA by Sid Macken—Pg 34

U.S. Navy Leica Camera System Fetches Over $200,000 at Auction by Sid Macken—Pg 36

Books In Depth: Into the Lion’s Mouth — The Story of the Wildrake Diving Accident by Michael Smart reviewed by Steve Barsky—Pg 38

Books In Depth: SEALAB by Ben Hellwarth reviewed by Nyle C. Monday—Pg 40

Cover Story: The Sea Chest and the Shark by Peter Jackson—Pg 42

Helmets of the Deep: Draeger Einfacher Diving Helmet by David Dekker—Pg 44

Helmet Auctions by Leslie Leaney—Pg 46

Scuba Auctions by Ed LaRochelle—Pg 48

International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame 2011 Inductees—Pg 50

International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame 2011 Pioneers Inductees—Pg 52

The DEMA Show 2011—Pg 54

The HDS at DEMA Show 2011—Pg 56

Vintage Patents: Tasker’s Armored Dress by James Vorosmarti, M.D.—Pg 58

The Diving History Library—Pg 60

HDS USA Quarterly Report by Steve Kushner—Pg 62

A Letter to the Membership from Society co-founder Leslie Leaney—Pg 63

A Tribute to Andrew Wight and Mike deGruy—Pg 66

In Memorium: Henri Germain Delauze—Pg 64; Andrew Wight—Pg 67; Mike deGruy—Pg 68; Arthur J. Bachrach—Pg 69 & LeRoy Keiser—Pg 70

Classifieds—Pg 72

On the Cover
Oceanic and Bob Hollis celebrate 40th anniversary

A circa-1960s photo of Oceanic founder Bob Hollis holding a Hans Hass Roellimarin camera housing is surrounded by images of some of Oceanic’s later products. Hollis was greatly influenced by Hass and went on to produce a line of underwater photographic equipment that laid the foundation for his entry into diving equipment manufacturing.