JoDH#71, Spring 2012

Editorial–Pg 3

Advisory Board member Phil Newsum, Society Director Dan Vasey–Pg 4

HDS Pioneer Award recipient Torrance Parker–Pg 5

HDS E.R. Cross Award recipient Christopher Swann, HDS Nick Icorn Diving Heritage Award recipient Don Barthelmess–Pg 6

In The Mail–Pg 8

HDS 20th Anniversary Conference–Pg 10

Retrospective and Interview with Henri-germaine delauze
Few business concerns notch up their half-century. Even fewer celebrate their 50th anniversary with the person who created them still at the helm. Although it has been several years since the company’s founder-president, Henri-Germain Delauze, played an operational role in the company, Comex remains one of a select few organizations to have remained faithful to the course set by the founder, with 50 years of technological innovations and industrial successes all over the world. The Journal is pleased to be able to present a brief history of Comex and also an interview with our Advisory Board member Henri Delauze conducted shortly before his death earlier this year.–Pg 13

The Founders of DESCO. John W. “Jack” Browne, by Leslie Leaney–Pg 24

Vintage Scuba. The DIVAIR Regulator, by Ed LaRochelle–Pg 29

HDSGWS11: Doubilet, by Leslie Leaney and Ed Stetson–Pg 34

Submarine Lens. The Old 504, by Sid Macken–Pg 38

Galeazzi at Italia Marina Militare 150th Anniversary, by Leslie Leaney–Pg 42

Books In Depth. U.S.S. Monitor: A Historic Ship Completes its Journey, by John D. Broadwater, reviewed by Nyle C. Monday–Pg 46

Cover Story. Strange Creatures in the Sea, by Peter Jackson–Pg 47

Helmets of the Deep. Russian Plexiglas bonnet, by David Dekker–Pg 48

Northeast Diving Equipment Group Update, by Bob Rusnak–Pg 50

Vintage Patents. Khotinski’s Rebreather, by James Vorosmarti, MD–Pg 52

Helmet Auctions, by Leslie Leaney–Pg 54

HDSUSA quarterly report, by Steve Kushner–Pg 56

HDS USA 2011 donors and raffle winners–Pg 57

In Memory: Albert Falco–Pg 58

In Memory: Roy Hattori–Pg 60

In Memory: Chuck Blakeslee–Pg 62

In Memory: Richard “The Commander” Hartley –Pg 63

In Memory: Jim Parker–Pg 65

The Diving History Library–Pg 68

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