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The Journal of Diving History is the official publication of the HDSUSA, DHS Australia and Southeast Asia, HDS Canada, HDS Germany and HDS Mexico.

In it you will find an array of articles covering such topics as equipment development, diving pioneers, book reviews, diving helmets, auction reports, U.S.Navy Experimental Diving Unit equipment, developments in underwater photography, news from other societies and affiliates around the world, limited-edition items, fund-raising prizes and much more.





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In recognition of the growing international interest in the traditional copper and brass diving helmet, as perfected by Augustus Siebe in 1840, the Society has commissioned an on-going series of diving helmets that commemorate different milestones in diving history. These collectible helmets are fully functional items and are part of the Society’s fund raising programs. Each helmet is built to the exact standards of the traditional diving helmet, and made by craftsmen of the original manufacturing company. The high standards and limited availability of these helmets have made them very desirable items which have found homes in museums and private collections around the world. Several are on display in the reception or board room of diving companies. These are fully functional authentic diving helmets, not reproductions. Only two of these Commemorative helmets have ever been recorded as being offered for sale privately, both selling for approximately double the original Society price. Many divers consider these helmets as investments in addition to being a magnificent display item.

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We have a selection of limited edition and hard to find books on diving and DVD collections.






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20th Anniversary Challenge Coin

The first in a series of limited production collectible “Helmets in History” challenge coins produced for and sold only by the Historical Diving Society USA.

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