The World of Zarh Pritchard

Known as “The Merman,” Zarh Pritchard was, quite literally, the first man to develop methods for applying oil paints to canvas while underwater. As a consequence, he became the first to descend in a deep sea diving helmet and dress to paint underseas vistas and marine life – an involvement that he adopted as his life’s work. Beginning in the 1880’s, Pritchard was experimenting in Scotland – sketching underwater scenery using breath-held descents facilitated with goggles. By 1906, in Tahiti, he had crafter his diving and painting techniques and he held his first exhibit in San Francisco in the very month of the great earthquake. Thereafter, for more than thirty years, The Merman sold his art to the wealthiest of society and to members of royalty in countries across the globe. Museums in America, Europe and the Orient include works of Pritchard in their holdings. This book is a well researched record of this foremost underwater painters career, with extensive notes, a bibliography and appendix of titles. Includes spectacular images of underwater scenery published in full color. A unique (and almost unknown outside of HDS-USA) title for the library of anyone interested in underwater imagery, the sea or fine art.

By: Nancy Dustin Wall Moure
Softcover. 64 pages. Introduction by Tom Burgess

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