A Demonstration of the Diving Engine


A Demonstration of the Diving Engine


The late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries saw an increased interest in the business of diving, and a proliferation of new designs of equipment. One of these divers was Jacob Rowe, who used the “barrel” type of apparatus to salvage materials from the bottom of the sea. Rowe was a man of great drive and determination, achieving two remarkable feats of marine salvage, during an era when underwater salvage was just beginning in earnest, Here for the first time, is printed his treatise on diving, describing in detail how his apparatus was constructed and used. Not only is Rowe’s treatise the first known English monograph on diving, it is also one of only a handful of treatises on the subject, in any language written during the 18th century. Rowe’s manuscript is accompanied by an accounting of his life and work by Mike Fardell and Nigel Philips. Published by the HDS-UK in association with The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England.

By: Jacob Rowe
30 pages, facsimile manuscript and illustrations, hardbound in dust jacket.
Limited First Edition of 750 numbered copies.

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