Bob Kirby on building and restoring copper diving helmets

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Bob Kirby began his diving career in the U.S. Navy where he was also introduced to abalone diving.  His military experience instilled in him a love of diving and a healthy dislike for the Navy Mark V deep sea diving system.  This evolved into a lifelong association with divers and other rascals and provided Bob with his place in the diving world.  Bob became world renown as the designer and builder of the 'Kirby' style diving helmet.  He and business partner Bev Morgan founded Kirby Morgan Corporation which today is still the world leader in the manufacture of diving helmets.  The Historical Diving Societies of the USA and Canada are proud to bring you this tribute to a master helmet designer and builder, and to provide this historical documentation of the tools and techniques Bob Kirby employs in building a Kirby helmet, and his thoughts on helmet design and restoration.

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