Siebe Gorman 6 Bolt Helmets in History Challenge Coin (Series Set # 1)

The second in a series of limited production collectible “Helmets in History” challenge coins produced for and sold by the Historical Diving Society USA. Each coin in the series will highlight a diving helmet with a positive impact on deep sea diving.

Every coin produced has the original HDS logo of an Augustus Siebe helmet on one side and the featured “Helmets in History” helmet on the reverse. This coin features Siebe Gorman's 6 Bolt helmet.

These collectible coins are 1.75 in diameter, are highly detailed, and will be a prized possession for years to come. Each comes in a soft PVC envelope.

The 6 bolt helmet was introduced by the Siebe Gorman Company of London in the early part of the 20th century and eventually replaced the 12 bolt helmet for the Royal Navy. It became known as the Admiralty Pattern helmet and was used by navies of the British Empire around the world until replaced by the modern lightweight fiberglass helmet.

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