Diving and Deep Sea Operations


Diving and Deep Sea Operations


This manual sources the 1924 US Navy Diving Manual, the 1938 Submarine Safety Respiration and Rescue Devices, the Advanced Mine School Course for Divers and other authoritative sources. It covers Mk V equipment, air pump, procedures, welding, qualifications, rigging, O2 treatment for caisson disease, the shallow water diving apparatus and much more. There are illustrations covering the Mk V, the cutting torch, diving lamp, jetting nozzle, submarine salvage, submarine escape apparatus and the Miller Dunn shallow water Divinhood, etc. This is a rare WW II manual published as a vocational course for training civilian divers.

By: Training Office Puget Sound Navy Yard 1943
Cleanly color laser copied and photocopied from an original 1943 manual loaned by Torrance Parker.
Softcover, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 117 pages.

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