Military Diving TM5-475


Military Diving TM5-475


War Department Technical Manual, 1944 This U.S. Army issue manual covers the Mark V helmet, dress, shoes, weight belt, knife, air control, non-return valve, telephones, air compressor, oil separator, and associated information necessary for the soldier to understand how to use the equipment. The Ohio shallow water mask is included and there are numerous photographs that accompany the text. This September 1944 manual superseded the September 1943 manual and was published by the War Department when G.C. Marshall was Chief of Staff. There are 11 chapters covering, Physical and Mental Qualifications, Physics of Diving, Diving Fear, Air Supply, Dressing, Tending and Mooring, The Descent, Working on the Bottom, Ascent and Decompression, Diving Injuries and Their Treatment, Underwater Demolitions and Underwater Cutting and Welding. The manual is reproduced in complete original form by a laser copier with card stock cover.

80 pages, b & w photos, diagrams, charts, contents, index.

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