Stan Waterman Film Collection Volume 10

A Sixtieth At ƒ Eight
Underwater photography is all the rage, and Stan takes us to class on the Bahama Island of San Salvador at the Paul Tzimoulis Underwater Photography College.  Look for appearances by Paul, Geri Murphy, Peter Benchley and his family.  Includes a dolphin sequence filmed by Jack McKenney.

A lesson in diving history, with Stan as our professor, traces the advance of man’s efforts underwater from Leonardo da Vinci to Cousteau.  Includes a visit to the Dacor Company and film sequences by Al Giddings and John Ernest Williamson.

A glimpse into the world of sharks and their relationship with humans.  Incudes interviews with Dr. Don Nelson, Dr. Eugenie Clark, and Rodney Fox, plus film from of Ron and Valerie Taylor.  Produced by Stan and Howard Hall as part of a World of Audobon television special.

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