Stan Waterman Film Collection Volume 7

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Peter and the Shark
Stan, Peter Benchley, and crew travel to Australia to dive with Great White Sharks. Along the way, they encounter Manta Rays, sea turtles, Bronze Whalers, Tiger Sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, and then, at Dangerous Reef, the big guys showed up. Originally aired on the American Sportsmen Show.

The Call of the Running Tide
Edited for U. S. Divers from Stan’s original lecture film, Call of the Running Tide documents a year that Stan and the Waterman clan spent living in the South Pacific, diving the waters of Tahiti and Bora Bora, and learning the culture of the South Pacific Islanders.

The Last of the Right Whales
Stan travels to Patagonia to search for and dive with Right Whales. These amazing, gentle creatures were hunted nearly to extinction because they were the “right” whale to bring large profits to early whalers. Stan also looks at the other creatures living along this lonely, desolate coastline.

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