Stan Waterman Film Collection Volume 8

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The Best of Caymans
Stan visits the Cayman Islands aboard Wayne Hasson’s Aggressor Fleet liveaboard dive boats. Along on the trip are Stan’s good friend Peter Benchley and his family. They dive the wreck of the Ore Verde; visit Jew Fish, Barracuda, and Grouper; dive reefs, walls, and visit a shallow sand patch filled with sting rays.

The Sinai Reefs
The best of the Red Sea, aboard the live aboard dive boat, SUN BOAT. Stan and mixed group of divers from the US visit reefs along the Sinai Peninsula, the Gulf of Eilat, Ras Muhhamad, and the Straits of Tehran. The beautiful colors of reef fish and corals endure in this film.

Belize: A Diving Holiday
An Aggressor Fleet trip, this time to the reefs of Belize. Day or night, the reefs are ablaze with color and the photographers on board take full advantage of the scene.

Stella Maris
In another American Sportsmen episode, Stan films author Peter Benchley and Dr. Sylvia Earle as they dive with sharks at Stella Maris in the Caribbean. First dives include encounters with a large Manta Ray, and individual sharks, then the large school arrives and the dives get interesting.

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