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The Bottom Dwellers Dive Shack diving podcast

Welcome to the world’s first and only commercial diving podcast. Working divers talking shop, interviews, news, safety, and sea stories.

Are you a scuba diver and think you know everything about diving? Drop into our world! Are you ready for a podcast that pushes the envelope? Raw real talk about industry practices and some dive stories in between. Grab a beer as we take over the airwaves!

There isn’t a better commercial diving podcast out there. All things dive, all real, and not afraid to give it to you straight.

In this episode, we visit Jon Council at the Avalon Dive Museum on Catalina Island. He talks with us about the Historical Dive Society and what they are all about! We had a blast talking with Jon about his mission and passion in diving. A great episode full of amazing stories you will want to listen to over and over. Please visit for more info and to become a member! We feel that preserving our Dive history is very important!

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Join Our Community Support the Historical Diving Society