Join Our Community Support the Historical Diving Society

Get Involved

Getting involved with the Historical Diving Society USA is simple. The most common and easiest way to become part of preserving diving history is to become a member of the society. There are different membership levels to choose from, and each offers various benefits based upon the level of the chosen membership type. You can view memberships “here” Each member, through their annual dues helps sustain the important works of the HDS mission.

However, keep in mind that probably the most important thing that you can do to support the HDS is to become an enthusiastic ambassador for the organization. Sharing with friends, dive buddies, colleagues the valuable efforts undertaken by the HDS staff to continually pursue a standard of excellence in documenting, preserving and sharing all manner of dive industry historical record. Help inform others, perhaps purchase a gift membership for someone for a birthday or holiday present. Encourage others to visit this website or follow the HDS on social media. 

If you live near one of the many locations where dive industry events such as conferences or trade shows are scheduled, perhaps volunteering to help  work an event, or help organize a lecture session by one of our representatives for your school, museum, library or dive club. 

The Historical Diving Society’s true strength, importance and outreach lies with our members and supporters. It’s all of you who keep the HDS flame alive for future generations. 

Thank you. 

Join Our Community Support the Historical Diving Society