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More Ways to Give

Donations can be in the form of monetary support via check, items of value such as diving helmets, rare equipment, books, magazines or even legacy estate donations. Items donated can be auctioned off or utilized in upcoming raffle events to help generate awareness of and funding support for the HDS USA.

Included within the many various ways to support the mission of the Historical Diving Society USA, is the option to directly donate to the non-profit organization, without need to advertise in the quarterly Journal of Diving History publication, or receive any other form of recognition based upon a concern for remaining anonymous. 

Some philanthropic individuals or foundations are more comfortable with not drawing attention to themselves in order to avoid being approached by other non-profits seeking donations. This approach is both fully understood by the HDS and is more common than might be realized. 

If anonymity is preferred and requested, that preference will be fully honored. 

Join Our Community Support the Historical Diving Society