Avalon Diving History Exhibit

2020NR1 Seasons Educational

The Avalon Diving History Exhibit (ADHE) is a diving history museum located on Catalina island in Southern California. Containing one of the most unique collections of vintage dive gear in the United States it is a wonderful museum focused on education and the preservation of all dive related history. This series of equipment tutorials is designed for the public, especially our DEMA attendees to learn and celebrate the early days of underwater intervention.

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Season 1

9 Episodes
  • Intro (Part 1)
    Episode 1
  • Intro (Part 2)
    Episode 2
  • Masks (Part 1)
    Episode 3
  • Masks (Part 2)
    Episode 4
  • Tanks & Regulators (Part 1)
    Episode 5
  • Tanks & Regulators (Part 2)
    Episode 6
  • Cameras & Housings
    Episode 7
  • Helmets
    Episode 8
  • Popular Culture
    Episode 9