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Don Creekmore

Board of Directors

At a young age Don Creekmore was fascinated with popular culture and history. Growing up in Wichita, Kansas in the 1980’s left him feeling that important events and subject matter were far away things – like the state of the baseball card collecting and acquiring autographs of baseball players!

In 1988 Don would teach a summer class at a local community college about the best techniques of getting baseball players autographs in the mail and baseball card collecting / investing in general. He was 13 years old at the time and was captivated with the idea that grownups invested in and paid good money for cardboard images of sports players!

Flashforward to 1998 when Don is in his senior year in college at Wichita State University. The Internet is still a fairly new concept to many at this time. Finishing up a degree in Entrepreneurship he decides to start his first company – selling antiques for clients via the Internet on a specialized antiques website. The business concept was solid but a similar business at the same time starts to gain traction, eBay.

In 2000 Don takes on the position of antiques consignments director at an online based auction company. Like many online companies at this time, it failed during the “.com bubble”. Don would move on to work for a company specializing in the acquisition of vintage movie posters, autographs and general Americana. The experience during this time was invaluable.

In 2005 the entrepreneurial itch hits again. With his wife’s blessing he opens Nation’s Attic Inc. The company specializes in buying, selling and restoring antique slot machines. The company also reaches into areas such as autographs, vintage advertising and antique diving helmets.

As the company grows so does the hands-on experience of finding diving helmets. Early acquisitions in addition to membership in HDS-USA form the foundation for a growing knowledge and appreciation of diving history. With the help of his wife and business partner (Jenny Creekmore), Nation’s Attic Inc. has continued to grow. By utilizing modern marketing techniques and sound business practices to acquire and sell some of the finest and most intriguing diving helmets known to exist today. Nation’s Attic Inc. is still located in Wichita, KS, run by Don & Jenny Creekmore. The company is the largest dealer of authentic antique diving helmets in the United States. Don Creekmore has a passion for discovering long lost diving helmets and sharing the history and stories associated with them with collectors worldwide.  In addition to buying a few baseball cards now and then…

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