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William Ziefle

Board of Directors

William M. Ziefle, B.S., J.D., MBA, is President and CEO of Divers Alert Network (DAN). Associated with DAN since 1989, Ziefle served on the board of directors from 1999-2009. He has directed various DAN companies including DAN (Director Emeritus), DAN Services, DAN Brazil Association, DAN World, Traveler Emergency Medical Services as well as Accident and General Insurance Company. Prior to taking the leadership role at DAN, Ziefle owned a private law practice in Texas specializing in oil and gas law.

As a member of the DAN Board of Directors, Ziefle established new governing documents for DAN and its subsidiaries and led the way for DAN to become a more transparent and tax efficient nonprofit. During his tenure on the DAN Board of Directors he provided oversight of the DAN subsidiaries and was integral in reorganizing insurance operations to reduce operating costs by 40 percent while improving services available to members. He recruited highly qualified attorneys, actuaries, professional investment managers and enhanced auditing services.

Ziefle is an avid scuba diver with 5,000 dives logged since he was certified in 1973, and over the years has provided legal counsel and fundraising support to several prominent ocean conservation organizations: Ships to Reef, American Academy of Underwater Sciences, National Marine Sanctuaries and Ocean Futures Society. In 2001 Ziefle cofounded Futures 4 Kids, a nonprofit which continues to provide web-based programs that pair local mentors with students to explore interests and develop goal-based educational tracks.

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