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Underwater Explorations

Man in the Sea Program

MITS is just rounding its first full year of giving divers hands-on experience at exploring the...
Aug 26, 20216 min read
Underwater Explorations

Museums of the Deep: Diving is Thriving Around Ontario

Ontario's waterways have long been recognized for their roles as the lifeblood of transportation and a...
Aug 26, 202111 min read
Underwater Explorations

Behind the Scenes in the Race for Sea and Space

For a PR guy, Mark Ward’s Career has taken an unconventional path - and it suits...
May 23, 20213 min read
Underwater Explorations

The Deep Sleep: Underwater Overnighting in Key Largo

Few places on earth bridge the gap between water and land as breathtakingly as the Florida...
May 23, 20219 min read
Underwater Explorations

Honouring an Unlucky Lady

The rippling effects of war last long after the heartbreak of battle. The pre D-day sinking...
May 23, 202114 min read
Avalon Diving History Exhibit

1958 La Spirotechnique Rig

In the early 1940’s during WWII, young French Naval officer Jacques Cousteau working with engineer Emile...
Jan 8, 20213 min read
Avalon Diving History Exhibit

Remembering Andy Rechnitzer

Often times visitors to the dive museum comment on how they’ve never seen a dive museum...
Jan 3, 20215 min read
Avalon Diving History Exhibit

Supreme Divers

In late September 1998, respected diving historian and vintage dive gear collector Mark Howell from Southern...
Dec 15, 20204 min read
Avalon Diving History Exhibit

Early Atmospheric Diving Systems (ADS)

Having been involved with the manned submersible industry for the past three decades I’m forever enthralled...
Jun 7, 20204 min read
Avalon Diving History Exhibit

Honoring Robert Stethem

Yesterday, January 5th a married couple came in along with several other people and visited for...
Jan 6, 20202 min read
Avalon Diving History Exhibit

Remembering 007 and Thunderball

On December 22nd 1965, (just in time for Christmas)Eon Productions released the James Bond classic film...
Dec 11, 20183 min read
Avalon Diving History Exhibit

U.S. Navy SEALAB Program

The US Navy’s innovative and breakthrough programs of Genesis and SEALAB I-III changed the trajectory of...
Nov 12, 20183 min read